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Career Opportunities ˇGSenior Analog Circuit Design Engineer

 Job Function


1.  Design for the following circuits inside the chip: PLL, D/A

    converter, A/D converter, I/O Pad.

2.  Other analog circuit required for the project management



1.  The applicant should has experience on the 

     development of commercialized IC.

2.  At least 3-year analog circuit design for the

    applicant with Bachelor degree.

3.  At least 2-year analog circuit design for the

     applicant with Master degree.

Educational Degree
Electrical engineering or related background. Bachelor/Master degree.
 Compensation and Benefits

1.Employees work five days a week
2.Profit Sharing Scheme
3.Cash Offering
4.14 months annual salary
5.Seasonal cash bonus
6.Annual medical examinations
7.Complete health insurance plan
8.Training and educational benefits
9.Sick leave granted for marriage or birth
10.Annual year-end raffle-drawing activity
11.Company trip ˇ@


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